Breeding Philosophy

Kaharau has been breeding quality cattle, that are consistent and proven for over 60 years. The strength and depth of breeding in our cow herd is the solid foundation of our programme as we move forward into the future.

Our objectives are to breed fertile cattle that are phenotypically balanced with strong heads, jaws and bone. They must be well-framed and structurally sound, to last the distance in any environment and ensure they will shift well and thrive under varying commercial conditions. Our cattle are deep, thick, meaty, easy doing animals with a quiet temperament. It is paramount that they’re safe to handle in both the paddock and the yards. Finally, we are  striving to achieve balanced EBV data in the herd.

Kaharau cattle are all about balance, and careful selection is made for all traits. We seriously consider the EBVs for our animal selection, however we also place huge importance on the phenotypical attributes of our cattle and at Kaharau, we value these traits highly. All the cattle are regularly assessed and subjected to rigorous culling and there is no compromise. The combination of genotype and phenotype produces cattle that will grow out well at all ages, whilst still meeting top carcass premiums.

The cows are required to mate and calve on the hill country with excellent calving ease, produce a calf every year, milk well with functional balanced udders, grow heaver weaners and maintain pasture quality.

Kaharau clients are predominantly commercial farmers who farm on steep hill country. They keep coming back to buy Kaharau cattle for their structure, type and performance. Our clients sell their cattle at various age grades throughout the supply chain and their finished cattle grade well at the meat processing companies.

The cattle we are breeding in this hill country environment must suit and reflect the needs of our clients, as well as the demands of the market and end consumers.

We are proud to see our clients achieving on-going commercial and market place success with their Kaharau bred cattle.

Take a look at our sire and dam profiles: