2023 Bull Sale

Monday 26th June at 4 pm
Rimunui Station, 410 Goodwin Road, Gisborne.

Sale details to come...

2023 Kaharau Sale Bulls

2023 - Sale Bulls
LOT 1 SN 379
A very nice bull for the first one up. The first of our Prince sons, he’s been a good one form the start. A moderate thick and deep bull with a terrific carcase, he graded XVG at weaning. Positive fats. Tested HD50K.
Dam 9854 -5/5 whose breeding goes back to Waiterenui Frontman J39 is the Dam of the $42,000 stud bull sold in the 2022.
She weaned 379 at an impressive 324kg. 9854 became a Donor cow last year for our 2022 ET programme.
LOT 2 SN 422
We really like this bull, a top on here. An outstanding Prince son out of an Oakview Crambo dam 17N76 - 3/3, whose breeding goes back to Turihaua Crumble Y167, this cross has worked well. 422 is very well put together, beautifully balanced, deep to the flank with presence and style. He has real sire appeal. Quiet temperament, great head, bone ++, back line and stands on sound feet.
We’ve liked him since weaning, he’s hard to fault.
We very nearly retained 422 for sire duties. There has been strong interest in him and great feedback.
Prince has bred so well with 16 sons in the Sale.
LOT 3 SN 342
The first of the Ragnar sons, this boy is a stand out. Well balanced and deep to the flank, we really rate this bull. Deep barrelled and a beautiful top line, a great carcase and terrific bone, a real sire. Turiroa Ragnar 18P224 was the top priced bull sold at Turiroa Angus in 2020, an on farm record. We purchased him in ½ shares with Orere Angus for $104,000. He has bred so well with 12 sons featuring in the sale.
Dam 9817 - 7/7 with Zodiac and Waihohonu 113 in her breeding, has had two sons in previous Bull Sales.
LOT 4 SN 388
This breeding mix has worked really well = Turihaua Legion/ Millah Murrah Kingdom - back to Hingaia 469 and Kaharau Class 790. We like this boy. He walks out well, has presence and outlook, a terrific carcase and a scrotal of 45cm.
Impressive 600D EBV, in the top 5% of the breed.
Dam 17N36 – 3/3
LOT 5 SN 308
Another very good Ragnar son with good old Kaharau breeding on the dam side. Free moving and soft, tidy under with plenty of depth. Phenotype ++. Good maternal and growth EBVs.
Dam 16.1008 - 4/4 had a son in the 2022 Sale.
LOT 6 SN 369
A big back end on this bull, thickness and depth, smooth carcase, he’s a good one, the Prince sons keep coming through, he has left a type that ‘stands out’.
Impressive scrotal of 45cm. Positive fats
Dam 16.1052 – 4/4, classic old Kaharau breeding.
LOT 7 SN 358
A moderate meaty Prince son with a terrific carcase, moderate and long with a great back end, thick as thick and full of meat.
Excellent maternal, growth and fertility EBVs.
Dam 16.1066 – 4/4.
LOT 11 SN 302
A long and strong bull, 302 will produce great weaners and work well on the hill country.
Lazarus/MM Kingdom/Class 790 – good breeding here.
Dam 18P54 – 2/2.
Keeper - 2023 Bull Sale - SN 336
Kaharau Nicholas 21S336 is a bull we really rate, a beautie who is packed with style and phenotypically very correct. A deep soft Prince son, a real sire. Super deep, soft, moves beautifully with style and outlook, a great back end, bone and a scrotal of 44cm, hes hard to fault. Positive CE out to moderate BW.
Dam 9809 - 6/6 had sons in the 2019 and 2022 Sales. Back to the great old bull Kaharau Expand 342 in her background who bred so well for us and remained in the herd until he was 11 years old. Many of his well balanced sons made it into the Bull Sales.
Keeper - 2023 Bull Sale - SN 327
Sired by Tangihau Top Gun, Kaharau Rooster 21S327 is an impressive bull with outstanding phenotype and a terrific outlook. Deep and soft, a lovely head, nice back line, tidy under, good bone and a great back end, he’s a magnificent bull with real sire appeal.
Dam Alpine Lass 949 was purchased from the Alpine Angus dispersal Sale and is breeding well.
327 has a top set of EBVs - positive CE out to moderate BW and +104 for 600D and positive fats.
Scrotal 46cm. Tested HD50K.
Alpine Angus 949 - 6/6, weaned 327 at 319kg.